Meet Rev. Rose McCurdy and Artist and a Chaplain! She is a wife, mother, painter, dog owner, friend, spiritual companion, bible geek, and yoga novice. She leads her community with a strong heart and a loving touch, providing warmth and compassion.

Rev. Rosie believes that God in Creation of the world and each person left the divine spark of creativity and passion in all things. She seeks to tap into the blessings within ourselves and the beauty of the world around us we can grow in faith and glimpse God in our world.

The artist: Rev. Rosie has always been a person of creativity and deep passion for outdoors and spiritual connections. Mostly she is self taught, and uses her keen eye for simple beauty, deep passion, and creativity to create her work. Following a major medical and emotional change in her life in 2014 she took up watercolor. Which is where she has found her deepest connection with her art and welcomed the movement and freedom watercolor provides. She loves to paint although it is not her only for of artistic expression! Her watercolor and acrylic painting is where she brings to life scripture passages, landscapes, nature, life experiences and mandalas. Rev. Rose is always seeking to grow deeper and is venturing into new art-forms like art journaling, jewelry making, and sewing.

The chaplain: Rose graduated in May of 2012 from Columbia Theological Seminary, she has an Masters of Divinity and is ordination in the Presbyterian Church USA. Receiving 4 units of CPE as a Hospice chaplain and preparing to sit for Board Certification. Rose has provide pastoral support in many settings; hospice, home visitation, nursing homes, summer camp, and education with adults and children ranging in age from 6-102. She has formal training in working with bereavement support for adults and children, Veterans who are struggling with the spiritual wounds of war, and teaching spiritual practices to lay-persons as well as clergy. Rev. Rosie also received a BS is Political Science: Public Administration from the University of the Ozarks in 2008.



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